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Greetings Laci,

Scryer Rum and Antiguo 26 will jointly host your company's 100 person party on Wednesday, October 12 2022 at 259 Calle Tetuan, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901 from 6-10pm.

There will be a two-hour cocktail period at the start where the party will mingle and migrate back and forth between the two bars. A 20-30 minute period will be set aside during this time in order for the group to gather on the rooftop of Scryer to be addressed by the CEO of your company.

Starting at 8pm, the party will be divided between the two establishments and a pre-determined dinner will be served. We discussed creating 2-3 meal options for the guests to select ahead of time. We are still preparing what that menu will entail and we will confirm with you for final approval. After dinner, guests will be able to continue to pass back and forth between the bars to continue drinking and congregating.

Each establishment will individually invoice your company for $5,000 in consumption including tax and an additional $1,000 in gratuity. Attached is our invoice. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

Derek Schwarz 


(727) 735-8435

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Premium Cask-Seasoned Rum

Wed - Sun
12:00pm - 1:00am

259 Calle Tetuan,
San Juan, PR 00901

Premium Cask-Seasoned Rum