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Founded in 2015

In 2015, Garrett Robinson and Derek Schwarz took a seat in a crowded whiskey bar. Amongst hundreds of bottles of Single Malt Scotch and Bourbon, they detailed their plan to bring pot-distilled rum finished in top-quality wine barrels to the mainland United States. The synergy of skills was undeniable: Garrett was an industry veteran with experience brewing, distilling, and barrel-aging fine spirits. Derek was a mechanical engineer with a reverence for small details and a knack for bringing wild ideas into reality.

Plans changed suddenly in 2017 when Hurricane Maria ravaged much of the island of Puerto Rico, the home of Derek's mother, family, and grandfather's agricultural farm in the mountains of Sabana Grande. With Garrett's help, Derek began establishing wind- and solar-powered systems in an effort to restore electricity to those in desperate need. In light of their experiences following the hurricane, the duo resolved to remain in the Caribbean, developing the Scryer Rum dream in the mountains of Southern Puerto Rico, on the very same family farm.

the future of rum begins now

In 2018, Scryer Rum found a new home on historic Calle Tetuan, a port-facing, Prohibition-era street in Old San Juan. In the ragged shell of building #259, a once-infamous punk-rock outlet and live venue near today's main cruise port, the two began removal of debris and reconstruction by hand.

As construction settles and debris is cleared away, we watch with pride as barrels, rum, and excited patrons begin to refill the building's formerly tattered halls. We can't wait to share with our new family and friends five years of passion and dedication. Welcome to Scryer Rum!

Aged 5 Years Minimum

Located in Old San Juan

Pot Distilled

Distilled in Barbados

Located in Old San Juan

Our barrelhouse is located in the heart of Old San Juan

premium Cask-Seasoned Rum

Visionaries are those that can peer into the future to reshape the world around them. Like the wind, they carve a new story from the stone of history. They are dreamers: Scryers who can see what others cannot.

Scryer is a message in a bottle that great rum demands unrivaled respect. Unlike other spirits, rum is truly free: every island expresses a distinct character, When Scryer blends these traditions in the same bottle, the result is quality unforeseen.

Tasting notes


Scryer is crafted in Barbados using the same pot-distillation techniques pioneered centuries ago. It matures no less than five years in the Caribbean before undergoing two additional finishings in Old San Juan, where it is bottled and enjoyed.

45.6% alc./vol

Customer Review

"Finally a true sipping rum, complex and sophisticated. An instant favorite. MAKE SURE YOU GRAB A BOTTLE TO CHECK INTO YOUR BAGS! ITS NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE OF PUERTO RICO YET."

T B, 2021

Highlight Drinks

Classie Lassie

The Classy Lassie, quickly becoming one of the crowd favorites, blends Scryer Rum with Port wine, lemon juice, honey, and a spray of Islay Mist that’s sure to captivate your senses.


Claude & Sherry

The Claude & Sherry: our spin on the classic Old Fashioned. We combine our Scryer rum with Sherry wine and a few dashes of Angostura bitters into a cocktail that gives that vintage feel with a new kick.


located in the heart of old san juan

Join us for a drink, view our Barrelhouse, and enjoy the vibes at our rooftop lounge.

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"Best bar in old san juan. Must visit for locals or travelers!!"

Ethan Danial, 2021

"Can't get enough!!! Great little hidden gem in Old San Juan. Amazing cocktails created with their own small batch rums made in the premises. Great find!!"

Johanny Medina, 2021

"Great atmosphere. Their in-house rum is distilled and aged like a scotch, tasting like a very smooth scotch. Great place to check out."

Andrew Pontoni, 2021

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Premium Cask-Seasoned Rum

Mon & Tues: 12PM - 8PM
Wed & Thu: 11:30AM - 12AM
Fri & Sat: 11:30AM - 1AM
Sun: 11:30AM - 12AM

259 Calle Tetuan,
San Juan, PR 00901

Premium Cask-Seasoned Rum